[Music] Saulius Petreikis – Negirdėta Lietuva

Saulius Petreikis is the lynchpin of the Lithuanian ethno-folk music scene.  This is a good survey of ethnic music preserved and reinterpreted from the villages of the country.  For Saulius’ Bandcamp site: Unheard Lithuania – is a collection of musical sounds that were heard long before we were born and will exist long after we […]

[Music] What is serious music?! — Stephen Jones: a blog

Stephen Jones put up a very interesting blog post in October of last year asking an eternal question vexing music fans. *For main page, click here!* (in main menu, under WAM) I’ve just added a lengthy article on the demotion of WAM, and the flawed concept of “serious music”. It’s based on the stimulating work […]

[Music] Various Artists – SƏS: Azeri Music for Krot Zine

Yet another entertaining and utterly essential compilation of music from the Caucasus has been released by my favorite ethnic music label currently active, Ored Recordings.  Many thanks to Bulat Khalilov for his brilliant work in digging up these gems which would otherwise be lost to history.  Azerbaijan is a country with stellar traditions in music […]

[Music] Thabang Tabane – Matjale

Malombo is a style of music I have never had the chance to come in contact with until today.  South African drummer Thabang Tabane is the son of Dr. Philip Nchipi Tabane, considered to be a master of the genre, and Thabang is apparently doing a fine job continuing the family tradition.

[Music] Uzbek TVR Uyghur Ensemble – Rak Muqam (Parts 1-4)

We found a gem today on the Obscure Little Beasties Youtube channel.  This comes from Uzbekistan, where they host a proper Uyghur music ensemble. Most Uyghurs live in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region inside of China, so it’s interesting to see music coming from the diaspora.

[Music] Steppe-Scape (Stars of Eurasia) – The Great Steppe Live

Stick Men guitarist/Chapman Stick player Markus Reuter participates in a stunningly good collaboration wedding progressive rock and improvisation with music from Central Asia. Featured on this record are the following musicians: Steppe-Scape Namgar Lkhasaranova: vocals, yataga, khomus Radik Tyulyush: vocals, throat-singing, igil Angela Manukyan: vocals Markus Reuter: Touch Guitars® U8, soundscapes, musical director Merlin Ettore: […]

[Music] Zaur Nagoy – Djeguako: Live at Red Bull Music Festival Moscow

Ored Recordings produce some of the most unique and interesting music coming out of southern Russia.  They straddle the line between being a proper record label producing vital new music and preserving ancient artifacts.  Some notes about Zaur Nagoy’s release, courtesy of Ored’s Bandcamp page: The Red Bull Music Festival took place on September 14-16 […]