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[Music] Mahavishnu Orchestra – Live on BBC TV – Paris Theatre (1972)

Thanks to for posting this amazing set from the Mahavishnu Orchestra.

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[Music] Mavi Güneş 69 – 3 Çember / Yafta

Mavi Güneş 69 are a trip.  If Can or Amon Düül II spent more time in Turkey than in Germany, and were influenced by Bektashi sufism and a lot of hash, the results might sound something similar to this.  Mind blowing.


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[Music] ʻĀina – Lead Me To The Garden

Aloha Got Soul’s latest release is a reissue of a rare psychedelic Christian folk record by a Hawaiian project called ʻĀina, which, according to their Bandcamp album site, “means land or earth in ʻŌlelo Hawaiʻi, the Hawaiian language.”

It’s definitely a product of the 1970s, full of hippy vibes, a naïve sense of idealism, and themes which would be recognizable to people who go to Pentecostal Churches. There was nothing bad about this release at all. It was a smooth, mellow and enjoyable listen.

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[Music] black (w)hole – altered states

black (w)hole are an Austrian drone-psych band who are covering similar ground to Masaki Batoh’s legendary group Ghost.  Don’t think that this is their only influence, however.  One can hear shards of Blue Cheer, The Melvins, and other Japanese psych bands like High Rise and White Heaven. This is well-recorded, powerful, and drone-laden enough to let your mind melt for a few moments. Recommended.

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[Music] Hviledag – Minder i Fire Satser

Hviledag is the moniker of Anton Friisgaard, who has an EP due for release on September 22.

Listening to it, it seems Anton has captured the spirit of the best of 1970s Kosmich Musik out of Germany (think Cluster/Kluster and the solo releases by Hans-Joachim Roedelius and Dieter Moebius [RIP], Tangerine Dream and Klaus Schulze during their peak in the mid-1970s, and even pre-robot Kraftwerk).

Don’t think, however, that this is some boring copy of the masters.  Anton brings fresh ideas to the genre.  The recording quality, however, is so familiar and comfortable to me that if this release were to come out on vinyl, I would be thrilled to listen to it and place it along with the greats mentioned earlier.

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[Music] Silent Island – Stormvalley

I want to thank István Csarnogurszky, guitarist of Silent Island and musician in several amazing post-rock bands, for this new little gem of an album. His guitar playing is as fluid as ever, and as much as I like instrumental guitar albums, Csarnogurszky is ably supplemented by Gábor Károlyi on bass guitar and Mike Vecchione, who provides drum loops.

Dense, but not overwhelming. A very pleasant album to think to, but it can take you places if you want to concentrate solely on the music.

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[Music] Necromishka – The Space Between Us

This is another weird, nearly terrifying, yet wonderful work from the nexus of musicians floating around Tel-Aviv and involving Tamar Singer.

Necromishka continue the neofolk tradition, mixing it with some of the hallucinatory vibe which gave early Current 93 its power.  The vocals in Beast of Prey, for instance, are slowed down to something so eerie that they should have belonged to a character in a David Lynch movie.

The other tracks give the feel of the soundtrack that should be made, if anyone is insane enough to try it, of Isadore Ducasse’s ur-Surrealist masterpiece, Les Chants de Maldoror.

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[Music] Jimi Hendrix – The Star-Spangled Banner

To my fellow Americans, may you have a wonderful Fourth of July!

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[Music] Expo ’70 – Awakening

There are so many good neo-krautrock and neo-psychedelic bands that it’s almost impossible to keep up with them. It seems a new one comes out every day, and the quality is consistently great.

Take Expo ’70, a band out of Kansas. They tie together Krautrock with a minimalist aesthetic that balances out very well.

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[Music] Various Artists – Mind inflamed, Soul adrift Vol. I

Mind inflamed, Soul adrift are a record label out of Austria who have released a free compilation which is actually rather good all the way through. There are 16 tracks on the release, and genres covered include electronic music, drone, noise and psychedelic rock. There doesn’t seem to be any focus to the label, but at least for this recording, that’s not a problem at all. All the tracks manage to work together and make for good listening.