[Podcast] A Miscellany Of Tasteful Music, December 28, 2015


A Miscellany Of Tasteful Music, December 28, 2015 by Rudy Carrera on Mixcloud

It’s been a while since I did one of these, so please enjoy! The track listing is as follows:

1. Noite e Día – Tiramakossa
From: Akwaaba Sem Transporte 2015

2. Ef – Misinform the Uninformed
From: Give Me Beauty… Or Give Me Death! (Remixed) 2013

3. Vytis – Dark Matter
From: Edge Of Universe 2015

4. Fromuz – The Orgy
From: Sodom & Gomorrah 2013

5. The Texas Tornadoes – Soy De San Luis
From: Best Of 1994

6. The Ukrainians – Koroleva Ne Pomerla (The Queen Is Dead)
From: Vorony 1993

7. ui – Aye
From: oa 2015

8. Santiago Fradejas Trio – Spawn Monsters
From: Chamber Works Vol. 1 – The Lower Sky 2014

9. The Dunes – Going Under
From: Going Under (Single) 2011

10. Zedan Ibrahim – Ma Uslou Reedeh (I Wanted Her From the Beginning)
From: The Lost 45s of Sudan (ShellacHead Annual 2015)

Some errata to report. It seems that when I transitioned from Ef to Vytas, I forgot that Ef were not Irish, but Swedish (though I did mention that before the song started). Also, the band ui may possibly be from Mexico, and not Venezuela, though there seems to be a band with the same name hailing from there.

If you find any other flubs, just let me know.

[Podcast] Ultima Thule #1068 – Bruno Sanfilippo


Ultima Thule #1068 by Ultima Thule Ambient Music on Mixcloud

Sublime working music, courtesy of Bruno Sanfilippo, who is featured today at the Ultima Thule podcast, available on Mixcloud.

Many thanks to Miguel Santos, who will be showcasing Bruno in London later this year.

[Article/Podcast] Mickey McGowan – San Rafael, California: Culture’s Keeper

Mickey McGowan is a Southern California institution, and that’s saying something, considering how many top-notch record collectors live in this part of the world. Dust & Grooves, a wonderful blog covering vinyl-related topics, features Mickey’s shop, and we tie a podcast related to this article below:


Mickey McGowan – The Unknown Museum by Dust & Grooves on Mixcloud

[Podcast] Luscombe’s Choice – 25th February 2015


Luscombe’s Choice – 25th February 2015 by Resonance Fm on Mixcloud

Before today, I had no idea who Will Luscombe was. I’m certainly impressed with his choices in jazz!

Resonance FM is quite a site for amazing podcasts.

[Podcast] Soviet Jazz By U&1989.


Soviet Jazz By U&1989. by Oto Radio on Mixcloud

OTO Radio from Russia have been providing some amazing listening recently. They’re worth following on your Mixcloud account.

No info on the artists (yet), but if I ever come across any, I’ll post it here and in the comments section.

[Podcast] A Miscellany of Tasteful Music – February 14, 2015 (Valentine’s Day Special [For Mari] )


A Miscellany of Tasteful Music – February 14, 2015 (Valentine’s Day Special [For Mari] ) by Rudy Carrera on Mixcloud

Finally, a new podcast! Here’s a progam for Valentine’s Day featuring:

Bruno Mars – Marry You
David Bowie – Be My Wife
Jorge Ben – My Lady
Chet Baker – Let’s Get Lost
The Ray Noble Orchestra feat. Al Bowlly – Blue Moon
U2 – The Sweetest Thing
Sinéad O’Connor – Nothing Compares 2 U
Coldplay – Fix You
Elvis Presley – Unchained Melody (Live)

[Podcast] ‘Queasy Listening 20150126’ by Cloudy Grey


Queasy Listening 20150126 by Cloudy Grey on Mixcloud

If you are a fan of post-Industrial avant-garde music, Cloudy Grey is going to be mandatory listening for you. Their ‘Queasy Listening’ series is an amazing walk back in time, and is doing a fine job hipping the kids to newer artists as well.

With so many amazing podcasts, it’s time to consider interviewing a few of these people for more exposure.