[Music Podcast] CAMP: Inaugural Session: Touch / 30th September 2017


For those of you who are fans of Touch Records, this podcast introduces cuts of some remarkably good music. Thanks to CAMP HQ for starting this series.

[Music Podcast] Back In The ESSR – The Archives of Eesti Raadio 1966-1982


Thanks to Pista Sin Titulo, who posted this amazing album of Estonian pop from between the sixties to the eighties.

[Music Podcast] Napoli Fusion 70


Naples, Italy wasn’t a completely bad experience for me. It gave me some of the best music I’ve heard in some time, and I got to browse my mate Paolo’s collection!

Thanks to Jazzcat, who posted this.

The tracks are as follows:

Track 1: from the album “Napoli Centrale” (Ricordi 1975) by Napoli Centrale
Track 2: from the album “Mattanza” (Ricordi 1976) by Napoli Centrale
Tracks 3 & 4: from the album “Sotto E ‘Ncoppa” (Carosello 1976) by Tullio De Piscopo Revolt Group
Track 5: from the album “Toni Esposito” (Numero Uno 1974) by Toni Esposito

[Music Podcast] Modern Classical Music Of the USSR


Slovakia’s Adam Kvasnica produces my favorite serious of podcasts. He’s a crate diver par excellence. Consider following him if you want to be exposed to all sorts of strange finds.

[Music] The Hip Priest Radio Program, Volume 3

Track List:

1. Noël Akchoté – Here’s That Rainy Day – C Medium
2. Djivan Gasparian – A Cool Wind is Blowing
3. Scattered Purgatory (目犍連) – Maudgalyayana
4. Dennis Wilson – Pacific Ocean Blues
5. Scott Lawlor & Øystein Jørgensen – Spaceport 261x Part4
6. Barış Manço – Derule
7. Ike & Tina Turner – She Belongs To Me
8. Tosca – Every Day & Every Night
9. Yasmin Levy – Nani, Nani (Lullaby)
10. Yoshi Wada – Die Konsonanten Pfeifen