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[Music] Inside the Home of Pierre Henry

French electroacoustic composer and experimental music pioneer Pierre Henry left the world on July 5, 2017. Thanks to the Olivier Lamm and Sarah Bastin from Red Bull Music Academy Daily for reporting the potentially tragic loss of Henry’s massive archive if funding isn’t found to preserve his home.

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[Music] Autopoietican – Apuntes de Musica Progresiva Contemporanea

I’m pleased to point you dear readers to a progressive rock blog that covers a lot of music I missed, mainly symphonic prog.  My Facebook friend César Inca Mendoza Loyola runs Autopoietican – Apuntes de Musica Progresiva Contemporanea, a blog you should consider subscribing to immediately!

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[Music] Sax Appeal: 48 Sexy Saxophone Album Covers

When you’re seen as ugly/unattractive, like it or not, you use whatever means at hand to sell yourself to others. An ugly truth, but that’s how it goes.

Yeoman Lowbrow of FLASHBAK writes on the cheesecake covers of Les Baxter, Bert Kaempfert and Martin Denny, none of whom broke any mirrors due to their vile appearance as far as I can tell.

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[Music] Folk Yourself Blog: Cuarteto Caramuxo – Arrieiros somos (Galicia/Spain 2015)

Folk Yourself is a blog out of Brazil dedicated to promoting rare folk releases.  This one, from Galician band Cuarteto Caramuxo, is a treasure that slipped under my radar from 2015.

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[Music] On Two Stunning Artifacts of the Italian Avant-Garde issued by Die Schachtel – Lino Capra Vaccina’s Echi Armonici da Antico Adagio and Claudio Rocchi’s Suoni di Frontiera



Bradford Bailey at The Hum, a great blog for experimental music, writes on two releases from Die Schachtel, a record label out of Milan, Italy.

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[Music] Between Sound and Space: ECM Records and Beyond


It comes as a very pleasant surprise to see that ECM Records has its very own blog now. Simple, beautifully designed, and a great repository for promoting their new releases and reissues, as well as highlighting the reviews given to said releases. Bravo!

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[Music] Awesome Tapes From Africa: An Interview with Brian Shimkovitz

Awesome Tapes From Africa is lucky to have an owner who has a deep passion for the music he puts out. lets Awesome head honcho Brian Shimkovitz hold court. It’s worth checking out Brian’s blog which started his interest in African music.

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[Music] Democracy of Sound Project Number Eight: Ored Recordings and the Sounds of Caucasus

The Hum Blog introduces Ored Recordings and their aesthetic to the world. Check out their Bandcamp site – it’s loaded with amazing ethnic music from parts of Russia.

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[Music] Discovering the World of Italian Psych Rock

Jeff Treppel of Bandcamp does a decent job of introducing new audiences to some rather wonderful Italian progressive rock, both old and new, here on Bandcamp’s WordPress blog.

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[Music] Redefining Russian Techno


From the Bandcamp article, which can be found here:

Russian techno is stylistically varied—from ultra industrial to sleazy disco, hazy cassette labels to crisp and urbane house. But often there’s a moodiness, an underlying bleakness to the sound that feels like it’s channeling a harsher Soviet past. Certainly, experimentation is rife, and “live”-ness is important—musicians performing live hardware shows seem to be every bit as important as DJs. But most important of all, there’s a freshness, a lack of cynicism, a sheer delight in crazed sounds and textures that can make even the most familiar musical tropes feel like you’re hearing them for the first time.