[Music] 20 Years of Southern Lord’s Dark and Heavy Art


The label’s roster has always featured a wide breadth of sonic explorers, from ambient artists through very heavy metal and post-metal acts to jazz fusion.

via 20 Years of Southern Lord’s Dark and Heavy Art — Bandcamp Daily

It’s amazing to think that this label has been around for 20 years, and I missed a good fifteen of those due to ignorance. May they have another happy 20.

[Music] On “Concrete Desert,” The Bug and Earth’s Dylan Carlson Destroy L.A.


Bandcamp Daily features The Bug vs. Earth, a powerful pairing of Kevin Martin’s Industrial/dub project, which has been around in one form or another since the late 1980s, and Dylan Carlson’s seminal drone rock project, Earth.

Dark, moody, cinematic post-rock.  Perfect music for meditating over the crumbling Los Angeles skyline.

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[Music] JOHN 3:16 – עשר

Our friend from Alrealon Music and JOHN 3:16 main man, Philippe Gerber, has graced us with a new, extremely powerful release.

Right from the outset, Gerber hits us with the (early) Floydian drone of The Sun Shall Be Turned Into Darkness, which is so reminiscent of Pink Floyd’s evergreen, Set The Controls For The Heart of the Sun, without the percussive elements, but focusing more on a lilting drone.  As the disc progresses, you are treated to genre-splicing par excellence.  Progressive rock drifts into post-rock, supported by a skeletal percussive framework and an ethereal drony element serving as ether holding everything together.

In all, this release has 29 tracks, which makes עשר such a generous offering.  Philippe has much to be proud of with this release.

[Music] Bassists Alliance Project – Crush

I can’t say I’m the biggest fan of metal music, but this is because I acquired my bias living in Los Angeles during the worst of the “hair band” debacle. However, hearing music like this from the Bassists Alliance Project, especially the bass playing by Alberto Rigoni, reminds me of how intricate and, frankly, progressive, this kind of metal can be.