[Music] Samuli Kemppi – RYC Podcast 127 (19.06.2015)

A novel idea! I never thought to look for podcasts via Youtube, but it makes perfect sense.

Samuli Kemppi is a Finnish techno artists unafraid to experiment with electronic music under his own name rather than under a heap of aliases. He’s also a DJ for Basso Radio, and this podcast gives a good demonstration of the sort of electronica he spins on air.

[Music] Ryoji Ikeda – The Planck Universe [Micro], June 21 – August 9 2015, ZKM, Karlsruhe, Germany

Ryoji Ikeda is a Japanese composer and sound manipulator who is currently based in Paris, France. He’s collaborated with the Japanese experimental troupe Dumb Type as well as with Carsten Nicolai.

This project is part of an installation over at ZKM in Karlsruhe, Germany.

Special thanks to Christine Tesla Coil, who originally posted this piece.

[Music] Susumu Yokota Has Died

Terrible news from The WIRE. Susumu Yokota, ambient DJ and composer extraordinaire, passed away from complications in March of this year, but the family only recently made a public announcement of his passing.

You can read The WIRE obituary here, as well as notes from FACT Magazine, The Leaf Label and Natalie.mu.

To hear some of Susuma’s work, check out Gekkoh below:

[Article] Aphex Twin: his Soundcloud dump shows how musicians can shock and delight

Love him or hate him, Richard James (Aphex Twin) has been the figurehead of IDM for over two decades now. There is no one more influential (or frustrating at times). This article, written by Stuart Aitken for The Guardian, discusses his current projects and the amazing dump of unreleased material on Soundcloud that is certainly good enough to be collated into a few albums.