[Music] Jönsson Tõll & Mauno Koivisto – Mulla Ei Oo Aavistustakaan Mitä Tää Kaikki Paska Suomeksi Tarkoittaa


Two identities, one artist. Jönsson Tõll is a composer who is based out of Portugal. This release features some of his own work, plus more under his working monicker, Mauno Koivisto. Of of the most beautifully bleak techno albums I’ve heard in ages.

[Music] Tablet Sleep – Inversion


As if I don’t have a number of interesting reasons to visit Russia. The Day Of Life Forgotten is an independent net label operating, it seems, out of Moscow (though if it’s not the case, I’ll update the post). This release, by my friend Alexei Serebreikov under his monicker Скрижали сна, is a great balance of electronic music, mixing elements of psychedelic music and drum & bass, a touch of IDM, all the while keeping everything sounding balanced and rhythmic. Something worth pursuing.

[Music] Ryoji Ikeda – The Planck Universe [Micro], June 21 – August 9 2015, ZKM, Karlsruhe, Germany

Ryoji Ikeda is a Japanese composer and sound manipulator who is currently based in Paris, France. He’s collaborated with the Japanese experimental troupe Dumb Type as well as with Carsten Nicolai.

This project is part of an installation over at ZKM in Karlsruhe, Germany.

Special thanks to Christine Tesla Coil, who originally posted this piece.