[Music/Culture] The Bard of the Caucasus: Armenian, Azeri, and Georgian Legacies of Sayat-Nova

It is truly a shame that such a treasure like Sayat-Nova, whose works were written in Armenian, Azeri, Georgian and Russia has been turned into a tool for nationalism. Kamyar Jarahzadeh writes a wonderful article on the legendary band here for Ajam Media Collective.

[Music] David J. & René Halkett – David J. & René Halkett (20th Anniversary Edition)

Bauhaus bassist David J collaborated with an original member of the Bauhaus movement, painter and poet René Halkett, for this rather interesting collaboration.

[Music] Dead Can Dance – Fortune Presents Gifts Not According to the Book

The lyrics of this track by Dead Can Dance, off their 1988 album titled Aion, can be found in the words of the Spanish lyric poet, Luis de Góngora. Click here to read an article in Spanish on the poet’s influence on the band.

[Music] Vitor Ramil – Milonga de dos Hermanos (lyrics by Jorge Luis Borges)

Brazilian singer Vitor Ramil is a new name to me.  His ouevre is amazing on its own, and I’ll be exploring it some time in the future, but what was most impressive was his setting of this poem by Jorge Luis Borges to music which matches the words wonderfully.