[Music] Ethan Diamond, Bandcamp – XOXO Festival (2014)

If you haven’t heard of Bandcamp, you really need to catch up. Artists and record labels are using this absolutely wonderful platform to sell vinyl, fan merchandise and other objects as well as high-quality digital downloads in a host of formats. Ethan Diamond, the founder of the company, is seen here speaking about the many […]

[Video] Archie Shepp Quartet – Go Down Moses (Let My People Go)

After enduring the comments section of a few websites where atheists who wouldn’t know religion if it bit them on the ass, and Pentecostal/Evangelicals who are running a very close second, I needed a bit of a spiritual cleaning. Thank you, Archie Shepp. Perfect timing!

[Article] The Video For “Love Will Tear Us Apart” Was Filmed 35 Years Ago Today

Has it really been that long? I’ll be turning 45 in a couple of months, and reading this story reminds me of how much time has zipped by. I still remember hearing this at around 13 years old, thanks to an uncle who was into New Wave music at the time. I was instantly mesmerized, […]

[Video] Schneider Kacirek – Doubles

Up until today, I had no idea who Schneider Kacirek was. Thanks to Toni Dimitrov, my old friend, I got turned on to this track, and this rather incredible project. It features Stefan Schneider, who was in Kriedler and To Rococo Rot. No wonder why the beats sounded familiar!

[Video] Bar Kokhba Sextet – Zechriel

John Zorn’s wonderful Bar Kokhba Sextet, off their album, Lucifer: Book of Angels, Vol. 10. An unpleasant name for such incredible music.

[Video] The Durutti Column – Domo Arigato

The first live album I was ever blown away by. When I was attending college in my teen years, I had a good friend, Fish, who had impeccable musical taste. He introduced me to the work of The Durutti Column, and if memory serves me right, this was the record which first turned me on […]