[Music] Throbbing Gristle – Adrenaline / RIP Genesis P-Orridge

In 1987, I bought two albums which did a number on me.  I remember purchasing CD1 and came across this seven-inch which opened a doorway into how wonderfully weird experimental music could be.  It hit me so hard that, in the folly of youth, I ended up having the Throbbing Gristle logo tattooed on my […]

[Music/Film] SUB UMBRA ALARUM LUNA by Carl Abrahamsson

Carl Abrahamsson has been a founder or member of so many projects in so many genres of art that his name is ubiquitous in the experimental/occult music world. He’s preparing a new music project influenced by cult director Derek Jarman’s film, In The Shadow Of The Sun. The music will be performed by Cotton Ferox, […]

[Music] Coil – Careful What you Wish For

Coil rose from the ashes of Throbbing Gristle and Psychic TV. Though core members Peter Christopherson and John Balance have left this world, they left an incredible body of work to enjoy, and they will influence a new generation of post-Industrial Music artists. A special thanks to my friend Christine Tesla Coil for posting this.