[Music] Yu Ying Ying / 于櫻櫻 – 朋友不要心煩 (groove funk pop, Taiwan 1976)

Living in China, one can see that, despite the façade of wealth, this is a land of missed opportunities, even when it comes to music. Excepting the underground music scene in places like Shanghai, Dalian, Hong Kong, and here in Beijing, to a point, thanks to Fruity Shop and other amazing record stores, pop music […]

[Music] Various Artists – An Anthology of Chinese Experimental Music 1992​-​2008

Dajuin Yao, Dickson Dee and Xper Xr. are the only familiar artists to me on this compilation of avant-garde music from the Sinosphere.  Sub Rosa Records outdoes itself with the marvelous (and quite long) compilation.