[Music] This Is Wreckage – I Don’t Live, I Exist

I’ve quite enjoyed releases from Forbidden Place Records, as I’ve come to enjoy stoner rock and more advanced and interesting forms of metal, a genre I couldn’t stand some years ago.  This Is Wreckage offer a rather brutal, bass-driven album which would remind a listener of groups like Pailhead (the collaboration between Ministry and Fugazi/Minor Threat lead singer Ian Mackaye) and the legendary Helmet, though more raw in sound and feel.

[Music] Naujawanan Baidar – Volume 1

It’s not everyday you come across Afghan experimental music recorded in the Arizona heat.  Myrrors vocalist/guitarist N.R. Safi had composed these tracks as mere impressions (expect a Volume 2 to be released shortly), but the quality of these pieces stand out.  These could hold their own with the best of 1980’s cassette culture.  A brilliant debut, though Safi is planning to do a properly recorded album sometime soon, adding to his psychedelic CV.

[Music] Brant Bjork – Jacoozi

I have no problem admitting that I am a fan of stoner rock, desert rock and other neo-psychedelic and metal-related genres of music.  Among the best bands out there in the beginning of said genres was Kyuss.  The band’s drummer and multi-instrumentalist Brant Bjork has gone on to make some of desert surf’s most brilliant albums.  This one was birthed by a trip to Joshua Tree, California, where he panned a project he was working on and went back to improvising drums.  After jamming and getting the sound he wanted, he simply layered and layered until this masterpiece was carved out.  Not at all what I was expecting, this is a great record to simply groove to.