[Music] Кино (Kino) – Ночь (Night)

Kino were the closest thing the Soviet Union had to a new wave band, and they were pretty damn good at it.  Co-led by singer and part-time actor Viktor Tsoi, his death in 1990 from a car accident ended the band’s career.

By the time this album had come out in 1985, the band were nearing their peak, selling two million units (though receiving hardly anything for their efforts). Amazingly, they also managed to sell around ten-thousand records in Southern California, both for the quality of the music and the novelty of being one of the first rock records ever released in the West by a Soviet band.

[Video] Sevil – Sevil (1971, Azerbaijan, USSR)

Outside of Vagif Mustafa-Zade, who has been featured here before on this blog, there’s not a lot of information on music from Azerbaijan. Sevil is a band who played a type of jazz-funk which was popular throughout the Soviet Bloc. Really solid music.

If any of my friends from the region could point me to some biographical data about the band, I’d be most thankful.