[Music] Сезон Дождей ‎/ Rainy Season – Возвращение / Return

Сезон Дождей ‎(Rainy Season) were a Lithuanian avant-progressive band from around 1992. The first time I had come across their music was while working at Aron’s Records in Los Angeles. It came in as a promo, but as I had no Internet access, I was unable to find any information on the band. Thankfully, through the wonders of Youtube, we have information on this album at least:

Artist: Сезон Дождей ‎/ Rainy Season

Album: Возвращение / Return

Year: 1992

Genre: Progressive Rock, Space Rock, Ambient

Country: Lithuania

Label / Catalogue: Lituanus / RGM 7006


Максим Пшеничный / Maxim Pshenichny – guitar, bass, voice, Yamaha DX100 & Korg M1 synthesizers
Алексей Петров / Alexei Petrov – percussion, drums, wood box, glockenspiel, triangle
Алексей Зубарев / Alexei Zubarev – flute (A1), slide guitar (A2), pizzicato (track B1a), rhythm guitar (A1, A2 & B1b)
Максим Кузнецов / Maxim Kuznetsov – lead guitar (B1b)
Ринальда / Rinalda – voice (B1a)


A1 Запахи Леcа / Scents Of A Forest 0:00
A2 К чиcтой воде / Towards A Clear Water 7:00
B1 Красная ночь / Red Night 21:19
– a) Часть 1 / Part 1
– b) Часть 2 / Part 2

[Music] Makhfirat Hamroqulova & Gulshan / Махфират Ҳамроқулова & Гульшан – Дилро Бубин

There isn’t a lot of information on wild psych music coming out of places like Tajikistan, but this isn’t a bad slice of Central Asian arabesque disco-prog, courtesy of Makhfirat Hamroqulova & Gulshan.  Hamroqulova is not only a famous singer in the country, but an actress of note as well.