[Music] Cloud – Live at Kulak’s Woodshed

Thanks to the wonders of Bandcamp, I am able to catch up on old friends’ bands from Los Angeles (like Tunnelmental, Farflung, The Secret Society of the Sonic Six), but it’s also quite pleasing to discover bands I missed out on.  Cloud have a vibe that is not dissimilar to bands like Galaxie 500 or […]

[Music] Various Artists – Welcome To The Occupation, A Reverence to R​.​E​.​M

The Blog That Celebrates Itself continues to release the finest covers compilations in a shoegaze style.  This time, the band getting the royal treatment is R.E.M., who haven’t sounded this good since about 1990.

[Music] Various Artists – The Blog That Celebrates Itself Records: Kosmische Musik

Brazil’s finest shoegaze tribute label, The Blog That Celebrates Itself Records, returns with a compilation paying due homage to legendary Krautrock bands like Can, Neu!, (early) Kraftwerk and Harmonia. I’m hoping to find newer Brazilian bands who will continue down this Krauty path.

[Music] Various Artists: The Blog That Celebrates Itself: Girl Groups – The Underground Versions

The Blog That Celebrates Itself (TBTCI) has become one of my go-to labels for great covers of indie and post-punk music done in a style not unlike shoegaze music. This one is a gem because the theme is girl groups, and each of these Brazilian unknowns does a stand-up job reworking the originals into something […]

[Music] ±0 – ±0

±0 (pronounced as plus-minus-nula) are a post-punk band out of Prague, Czech Republic.  This eponymous debut was released in March of 2017.  If you are a fan of this particular genre of music, especially of the sounds made by The Cure, Joy Division, The Sound or others during the 1979-1980 heyday of the genre, this […]