[Poem] ‘Dawn Breaks In Krusevac’ by Alasdair Sclater

Facebook’s Eastern Orthodox Christian bard has posted a new poem in honor of his trip to Serbia:

Summer speaks

In the game of the dawn

Speaks the world in birdsong chorus

So wonderful stand the trees

In the window framed

Framed in the memory that speaks

The beauty of the new day

Cooing of the doves

In the beauty of their calls

So wonderful in the speech of morning made

And in the distance the sound of trucks

All is calm and all is peace

In the speech of the day made whole

Breaks the light

On the horizon distant

In the beauty and the wonder spoken well

And all about

The new day comes

In it wonderful possibilities now spoken

Tweet the birds

In the new game of territories

All the world spoken in want

And n the times

When comes he day

All in its wonderful possibilities given

Sun again to stalk the land

Further will run the river

The Rasina now in spate

Speaking all the water that in this country

The problem of floods made

And yet speak the sounds so peacefully

In all its glory the world made

In so much wonder a new day spoken

Bless the return of the sun

In its life

Greet the day so strong in possibilities

A new world can be made

In the beauty of the day that comes

After the darkness of the night

And life begins again