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[Video] Ganelin, Chekasin, Tarasov – Semplice (II)

I really owe all of my passion for Eastern European/Soviet Improvisational and Experimental music to one man: Leo Feigin of Leo Records. It was through his introduction, via his catalog and a few letters back and forth, that I was introduced to such artists as Vyacheslav Ganelin (the Ganelin Trio’s leader, now based in Israel), Sergei Belichenko and Roman Stolyar, a friend to this day.

Here is the Ganelin Trio near the peak of their improvisational powers. Vladimir Tarasov and Vladimir Chekasin join in.

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[Video] Sergey Kuryokhin – Mystics

Sergey Kuryokhin was, by far, the most influential and most widely recognized avant-garde musician to come out of Russia in the 1980s. Both alone and with the Ensemble Pop-Mekhanika, he made music which was extreme even to American tastes. Here is an absurdist sample of his work.