[Music] RuRaRo – Furioso (Live in Sound Museum)

I’m very happy to be able to announce this album of Russia’s finest improvisers collaborating on a live release in Saint Petersburg, Russia.  The performance occurred on November 12, 2018, and featured by friend Roman Stolyar on keyboards and recorders, Nikolay Rubanov on tenor saxophone & bass clarinet and Alexander Ragazanov drums.

[Music] Vadim Petrenko – RIO​-​Collection /Rock In Opposition/

The Rock-In-Opposition movement had a very short shelf life, but produced some of the most amazing avant-progressive rock bands.  Think of acts like Univers Zero, Henry Cow, Art Zoyd, the Art Bears, Stormy Six and others.  Their influence was felt far and wide, and you can hear it in the work of former ZGA guitarist Vadim […]

[Music] Zaur Nagoy – Djeguako: Live at Red Bull Music Festival Moscow

Ored Recordings produce some of the most unique and interesting music coming out of southern Russia.  They straddle the line between being a proper record label producing vital new music and preserving ancient artifacts.  Some notes about Zaur Nagoy’s release, courtesy of Ored’s Bandcamp page: The Red Bull Music Festival took place on September 14-16 […]

[Music] Кино (Kino) – Ночь (Night)

Kino were the closest thing the Soviet Union had to a new wave band, and they were pretty damn good at it.  Co-led by singer and part-time actor Viktor Tsoi, his death in 1990 from a car accident ended the band’s career. By the time this album had come out in 1985, the band were […]