[Magazine] ProgressoR

I love scouring the Internet precisely because I run into treasures like these.

Uzbekistan is not the first name one would think of when discussing progressive rock. The Central Asian republic is far away from any of the traditional power centers like the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy or the United States. It is several time zones away from Moscow and St Petersburg, where Russia’s small prog-rock scene is at its strongest.

Yet chaps from Uzbekistan (and a chap from Norway, apparently!), working out of London, do yeoman’s work in covering progressive rock releases for the website ProgressoR. These folks are passionate about the genre, indeed. Consider this a go-to site for those who love prog and its sub-genres.

[Magazine] Art Rockin’

The purpose of my blog is to cover a mass of information as orderly as possible, though it’s proving difficult (though pleasurable) to do. One of those bits of information I like to pass on is the existence of other blogs and zines who are more specific in scope. Art Rockin’ was started by Salim Ghazi Saeedi and Lee Henderson to review and promote art rock releases, as not enough mags are concentrating on this rather rich genre of music.

Good luck to them!