[Music] Makhfirat Hamroqulova & Gulshan / Махфират Ҳамроқулова & Гульшан – Дилро Бубин

There isn’t a lot of information on wild psych music coming out of places like Tajikistan, but this isn’t a bad slice of Central Asian arabesque disco-prog, courtesy of Makhfirat Hamroqulova & Gulshan.  Hamroqulova is not only a famous singer in the country, but an actress of note as well.

[Music] Rational Diet – Pukhow

It’s a crying shame that Belarusian Rock-In-Opposition-influenced band Rational Diet is no more. For my taste, they had carried the torch first illumined by bands such as Art Zoyd, Univers Zero and Henry Cow.

[Music] Steve Hogarth & Richard Barbieri – Your Beautiful Face

Richard Barbieri never disappoints. From his work in Japan to all of the wonderful projects he’s worked on since, he’s shown to be a thoroughly underrated synth player. There’s always hope he’ll reach a bigger audience. The surprise here, for me, is Steve Hogarth. I’m not a huge fan of Marillion (at least since old […]

[Music] Jacula – In Cauda Semper Stat Venenum

Before I developed a love for Rock-In-Opposition bands like Art Zoyd and Univers Zero, I had a deep interest in the schlock-laden works of Antonio Bartoccetti, composer of the band Jacula. It was cheesy, silly, doom-laden music of the best sort. I wonder whatever happened to him?

[Music] Can – Geheim (Half Past One) [Peel Sessions]

Can, recording a session for John Peel. I’m not sure what year this was recorded, but hearing it makes me a bit wistful over Peelie’s early demise.