[Sample] Finnegans Wake – 4th


Finnegan’s Wake is the name of at least one other progressive rock band, but this one hails from Belgium, though now resides in Brazil, and is led by Henry Krutzen, who founded the band in 1993, and it reminds me of a chamber-rock band, not dissimilar to Rock-In-Opposition bands like Henry Cow or Art Zoyd.

[Video] Controlled Bleeding – Red Stigmata

Perhaps too diverse for their own good, Controlled Bleeding were very comfortable working in everything from harsh noise to nearly danceable beat music which fit in well with the Wax Trax! Records crowd.

This track, however, is the one which left the longest impression for me. It reminds me more of a Gothic take on progressive rock, and it’s a vein I wish the band would have tapped more, because it really caught them at their best.

I’m absolutely thrilled to know that Paul Lemos has soldiered on, but it’s quite a bitter loss knowing that Joe Papa and Chris Moriarty have moved on to their great reward.