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[Podcast] PMB158: Outer Realms

PMB158: Outer Realms by Project Moonbase on Mixcloud

Mixcloud, by itself, is proving to be a wonderful tool with little treasures worth sharing. One of my favorite recent podcasts comes from the United Kingdom is Project Moonbase, where DJ Bongoboy and MC Zirconium play some of the corniest, cheesiest and charming lounge, sci-fi, exotica and other sundry novelties.

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[Podcast] Way Past Cool – Episode 41 : Tom Waits Special [Reprise]

Way Past Cool – Episode 41 : Tom Waits Special [Reprise] by Ixnayray on Mixcloud

I thank my old friend Paolo Merolla from Naples, Italy, for enlightening me to such great garage rock programs over the years. This particular program of Way Past Cool concentrates on the ever-wonderful Tom Waits.

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Club de Jazz 2/01/13 Irene Aranda (Concierto y Entrevista), Rolf & Joachim Kühn Quartet, etc

El Club de Jazz is the finest podcast I’ve run across in terms of new jazz and improvisational music. The show is broadcast in Spanish, but you need not understand the language fluently to indulge in all the fine music they offer. ECdJ also offers other podcasts, so consider subscribing to them via RSS feel.

To check out this particular program, click here.