[Music] Straitjacket Fits – She Speeds

Very sad news today.  Andrew Brough, guitarist of one of New Zealand’s coolest indie bands, Straightjacket Fits, passed away today.  His guitar work can be heard on She Speeds, perhaps the band’s masterpiece. Flying Nun Records announced his passing on their Twitter feed. We’re shocked and saddened to learn of the passing of Andrew Brough. […]

[Music] Zan Hoffmann & Hubert Heathertoes – The Facets of Serendipitous Occurence (Boiro Saga​)

Hubert Heathertoes collaborates with one of the most prolific figures in the history of experimental music, Zan Hoffman.  The collaboration bears wonderful fruit, combining musique concrète, plunderphonics (reminiscent of Negativland), pops, scratches, clicks, and an unnerving feel to these compositions.  These two compliment each other well.

[Music] Heathertoes & Hopek Quirin – Travelling And Its Outgrowing Motives

Heathertoes is my old friend Hubert’s post-industrial/experimental project.  He is collaborating on this release with Hopek Quirin, and the sound is reminiscent of 1980s cassette culture at its best.

[Video] Hash Jar Tempo – Well Oiled

Shimmery and lo-fi are words that normally shouldn’t go well together. In the hands of New Zealand guitarist Roy Montgomery and members of the Philadelphia-based Bardo Pond, the description fits perfectly. You can read more about Hash Jar Tempo here via Wikipedia.