[Music] BlankFor.ms – Side A Feelings

Judging by the tags listed on this rather charming EP, I would have thought that this music is meant for the dance floor.  It is, actually.  It’s just the sort of thing you would want to listen to after a night of pounding noise and stomping around in your best shoes.  With this release, BlankFor.ms […]

[Music] Gealdýr – Sól

I never will be too big into the idea of a “Norse” religious construction, but the music coming out of it is astounding for its beauty and quality.  Groups like Norway’s Wardruna seem to be leading the way, but if this album is any indicator, Gealdýr, who hail from The Netherlands, doesn’t seem to be […]

[Music] Bookmat: Afro-psych ambassador: The incredible story behind one of the rarest Brazilian records of all time

Thanks to Anton Spice of The Vinyl Factory for hipping us to one of the rarest Afro-Psych albums to ever come out of Brazil, this gem by Tribo Massáhi. You can pick this up at Rush Hour Records in the Netherlands for a reasonable price, if you’re so inclined.

[Music] Aankondiging Pintotonics n+1 en OORSPRONG concerten

‘Muziek bestaat niet. Het is hooguit een illusie’. Misha Mengelberg PINTOTONICS n+1 Huis de Pinto St Antoniebreestraat 69 1011 Hb Amsterdam 020-3700210 > reserveren 20 :00 deuren open 20:30 start solo set 23:00 einde Entree 10 + 7 (studenten/cjp) PROGRAMMA 9 JANUARI Solo set Luis Vicente/trompet Ensemble set Tecla Gato Trio Pablo Vazquez/contrabas Caro Thierhs/altviool […]

[Music] WORM Pirate Bay is launched

I’m having a bit of trouble seeing the connection between WORM, the Rotterdam-based collective lending out materials and The Pirate Bay, who are, in every sense of the word, pirates when it comes to copyrighted material (whether that is good or bad depends on how you see this issue, as a case can be made […]