[Music Podcast] Napoli Fusion 70

https://www.mixcloud.com/widget/iframe/?feed=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.mixcloud.com%2Fmaxvibes%2Fnapoli-fusion-70%2F Naples, Italy wasn’t a completely bad experience for me. It gave me some of the best music I’ve heard in some time, and I got to browse my mate Paolo’s collection! Thanks to Jazzcat, who posted this. The tracks are as follows: Track 1: from the album “Napoli Centrale” (Ricordi 1975) by Napoli Centrale […]

[Video] Le Ninfe della Tammorra – L’aria de lu mare

Naples is a city utterly steeped in music. I had the chance to visit briefly a few times, and each visit brought me to a deeper appreciation of the culture (if not all of its residents). Classical music, jazz, ethno, horribly embarrassing pop music – you can find it all there. Leave it to my […]

[Video] Vasco Bulgarelli – Amapola (Canzone Spagnola)

I’m surprised that there is so little information about Vasco Bulgarelli online, but it seems ‘Amapola’ is a Neapolitan classic. It seems the Spanish left a lot of good in that city (how much we got back in return is debatable, but I loved the city nonetheless).

[Video] Aldo Ciccolini – Gymnopedie n.1 (Satie)

The world lost one of the greatest piano interpreters of the 20th Century yesterday. Aldo Ciccolini died on February 1 at the ripe old age of 89. He had moved away from Naples to Paris, winning the Marguerite Long-Jacques Thibaud Competition in 1949, and becoming a French citizen by 1969. He was the foremost interpreter […]

[Video] Valentina Ambrosanio – Notturno n° 1 op. 9 (F. Chopin)

There is much good in Italy in terms of music, especially in the South, which tends to hide its prizes a bit better than in the better-publicized North of the country. Some years ago, I had the joy of traveling to Naples, where I made the acquaintance of pianist Valentina Ambrosanio. In a city which […]