[Sample] Das Mädchen von Hongkong O.S.T.

I can’t get enough of cheese-ball Euro-trash soundtracks, so coming across a gem like this on Bandcamp made my day! It’s for Das Mädchen von Hongkong, a film from 1973, and Black Pearl Records deserves all credit for hipping the world to this digital album.

[Article] Manna for fans: the history of the hidden track in music

How cool. I had no idea The Beatles were the (accidental) inventors of the secret track! Here’s more, courtesy of Jude Rogers at The Guardian.

Neil Young’s next act: music technology entrepreneur

Unlike a great deal of my colleagues, I’m not a vinyl snob. Yes, it sounds wonderful for rock and jazz, but as I enjoy listening to classical and experimental music, I like the idea that I can hear such things with clarity. That being said, the great Neil Young, himself a fan of technology, has […]