[Music] Martin Neuhold – Sofa Guitar Sessions #1

For those of you pining for the days of raw bedroom recordings of guitar improvisation that remind you of seminal acts like The Durutti Column, a name mentioned frequently on these pages, this latest album by Martin Neuhold does the job nicely.  The only quibble is the slightly rushed feeling in-between tracks, which makes this […]

[Music] Ben Rath – Black Heart Music

Ben Rath is an experimental musician based out of Manchester, England, who specializes in dark, foreboding minimalist compositions which leave you feel unnerved while working on blog posts at three in the morning.  He makes his recordings with the use of keyboards, piano, guitar and some slight effects.  Really good listening.

[Music] Chad Lawson – The Chopin Variations / Modern Interpretations on Chopin Works

I grew up in a house that appreciated the work of Frédéric Chopin.  My Mom was and is still a big fan of his compositions.  It came as a pleasant surprise to hear that a North Carolina pianist issued some arrangements of Chopin’s music which were recorded beautifully. Pianist Chad Lawson is joined by Judy Kang […]

[Music] 36 – Hollow

36 (pronounced three-six) are an ambient drone band based out of the United Kingdom. Heavy duty music for headphones, not quite Eno-esque, but it resides more along the post-rock side of the spectrum.

[Video] Þverfellshorn – Agnieszka

Simple, and sublime. Luke Paine, operating under the moniker Þverfellshorn, produces lush pieces in a style reminiscent of Icelandic composer Jóhann Jóhannsson. A special thanks to Albanian electroacoustic composer Ilir Lluka, who posted this piece originally.