[Music] Iron Butterfly – In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida — PowerPop… An Eclectic Collection of Pop Culture

17 minutes of pure, indulgent rock & roll bliss, courtesy of both Iron Butterfly and PowerPop Blog: One of the most indulgent rock songs ever. It is 17:05 minutes long and has a grand total of only 30 different words in this song. You might think it has a deep, mystical meaning, but it’s really […]

[Music] Dos Brujos – Brothers of the Wolf + The First Gods Split

Dos Brujos are an Austrian band which offer a heavy Black Sabbath-inspired wave of sludge.  I’m really liking the meatiness of their sound, and it goes well beyond mere Sabbathian hero worship. The label they’re working for on this release, Fuzzy Cracklins Presents, tends to keep their metal catalog fresh, and they offer many free […]

[Music] Southern Lord To Reissue Two More Caspar Brötzmann Recordings This Summer — Avant Music News

Source: Southern Lord Recordings. Southern Lord announces the next CASPAR BRÖTZMANN MASSAKER reissues in the ongoing series, continuing with Der Abend Der Schwarzen Folklore and Koksofen, now confirmed for release in July. Tracks from each of the two new reissues are now posted for streaming. The outfit will also be actively performing live this summer, […] […]

[Music] SUNN O))) – Life Metal

The only word that came to mind while listening to SUNN O)))’s latest release, Life Metal, is thunderous.  Greg Anderson and Stephen O’Malley produce a slow, plodding, but so absolutely powerful without having to resort to cheesy metal riffs or death metal histrionics. Though they have been around for a long time now, I still […]

[Music] Orthodox – Axis

In honor of the Harrowing of Hell, where Christ destroyed the place and released the souls waiting there for relief, I present you the Spanish progressive doom band Orthodox.  Noisy metal bordering weirdly on free jazz, this is a bit of a score for me.  The music is brutal, loud, but there is something comforting […]