[Music] Various Artists – Voulez-Vouz Chacha? French Chacha 1960​-​1964

This has to be one of the happiest, most swinging comps I’ve heard in a while.  From the Born Bad Bandcamp site: Careful, “Let’s not get angry” suggests Spartaco Sax, the famed song accompanying French daily paper FRANCE-SOIR’s campaign against road violence: music isn’t that serious, often times really not. In any case, it is […]

[Video] Mickey Hart / Diga Rhythm Band – Razooli (Studio Version)

Mickey Hart made his fame as a drummer for the Grateful Dead, whom I enjoyed greatly (at least in their live settings). He was also a big fan of Indian music, and really did a lot with his Diga Rhythm Band project to promote it. In this track, it sounds like exotica, innovative Latin percussion, […]