[Music] Lalić – Post Mortal Gothic

We’ve had the pleasure of reviewing the work of Lalić before (in December of 2019, in fact), but this new release showcases them diving deeper into post-punk.  This release sounds like touches of a The Sound, Suicide (without the reliance of electronics), and even bands like Berlin, though far less polished (and this is to […]

[Music] Lalić – I Do Not Deserve This Catharsis

Z Tapes always produces charming, simple surprises.  This one comes in the form of Australian/Serbian troupe Lalić, whose album reminds me of what demos of early Railway Children, Movement-era New Order and maybe something a tape collection inside the Postcard Records post box might sound like.  Worthy.

[Music] Graham Janz – Songs I’ve Been Singing Quietly To Myself

Graham Janz is a very eclectic folk singer who originally called Brandon, Manitoba, Canada home, though he now resides in Groningen, Netherlands.  He sent me a note asking me to listen to his sketches, and I’m quite pleased that I took him up on his offer. This isn’t a proper album per se, but home […]

[Music] Benjamin Finney – Warmth Within These Walls X Cut Me Loose

Benjamin Finney’s work has been reviewed on our blog in the past, as he’s really a fine guitarist, but it finally dawned on me whose work seems to influence and inform his playing.  John Fahey.  No doubt about it.  He has the American primitive sound mastered so well that he’s able to mold it however […]

[Music] Naujawanan Baidar – Volume 1

It’s not everyday you come across Afghan experimental music recorded in the Arizona heat.  Myrrors vocalist/guitarist N.R. Safi had composed these tracks as mere impressions (expect a Volume 2 to be released shortly), but the quality of these pieces stand out.  These could hold their own with the best of 1980’s cassette culture.  A brilliant debut, […]

[Music] fuvk – you like blue and i like you

Z Tapes continues to put out wonderfully emotive indie music, whether it’s of the bedroom pop variety or something straight-up weird.  They rarely, if ever, seem to fail with their releases.  All credit should go to Filip Zemcik for his near-perfect curation abilities. fuvk are a emo/indie-pop band out of Austin, Texas who please greatly […]

[Music] Rắn Cạp Đuôi Collective – Libyan Circle Voice Simulation

  Rắn Cạp Đuôi Collective are Ho Chi Minh City’s finest experimental group.  Their sound reminds me of the lo-fi bedroom vibe Xpressway Records in New Zealand had.  Think of projects run by Roy Montgomery, like Dadamah, to get an idea of how wonderfully drony this material is.