[Music] Saulius Petreikis – Negirdėta Lietuva

Saulius Petreikis is the lynchpin of the Lithuanian ethno-folk music scene.  This is a good survey of ethnic music preserved and reinterpreted from the villages of the country.  For Saulius’ Bandcamp site:

Unheard Lithuania – is a collection of musical sounds that were heard long before we were born and will exist long after we are gone. It gathers hundred-years-old stories about our ancestors and the forests and fields they used to live in. Acquaintance with this music began one spring morning in Barstyčiai, Lithuania. I was still a little boy (four years old or so), when my grandfather made me my first flute. Its’ sound still haunts me to this day.

Unheard Lithuania is the melodies and stories rooted deep into our very being. It is young shepherds playing molinukai and skudučiai flutes. It is a child with a jaw harp between his lips and an old man in the field, mourning for his loved one. It is the sound of a horn at the edge of a forest announcing the arrival of the herd. It is a little girl talking to the birds with her lumzdelis flute.

Special website with videos (in english and lithuanian languages) – www.ltinstrumentai.lt

[Music] Сезон Дождей ‎/ Rainy Season – Возвращение / Return

Сезон Дождей ‎(Rainy Season) were a Lithuanian avant-progressive band from around 1992. The first time I had come across their music was while working at Aron’s Records in Los Angeles. It came in as a promo, but as I had no Internet access, I was unable to find any information on the band. Thankfully, through the wonders of Youtube, we have information on this album at least:

Artist: Сезон Дождей ‎/ Rainy Season

Album: Возвращение / Return

Year: 1992

Genre: Progressive Rock, Space Rock, Ambient

Country: Lithuania

Label / Catalogue: Lituanus / RGM 7006


Максим Пшеничный / Maxim Pshenichny – guitar, bass, voice, Yamaha DX100 & Korg M1 synthesizers
Алексей Петров / Alexei Petrov – percussion, drums, wood box, glockenspiel, triangle
Алексей Зубарев / Alexei Zubarev – flute (A1), slide guitar (A2), pizzicato (track B1a), rhythm guitar (A1, A2 & B1b)
Максим Кузнецов / Maxim Kuznetsov – lead guitar (B1b)
Ринальда / Rinalda – voice (B1a)


A1 Запахи Леcа / Scents Of A Forest 0:00
A2 К чиcтой воде / Towards A Clear Water 7:00
B1 Красная ночь / Red Night 21:19
– a) Часть 1 / Part 1
– b) Часть 2 / Part 2