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Rick Wakeman-1973-1977: His Glory Years. In January 1973, Rick Wakeman released his sophomore album The Six Wives Of Henry VIII, which was a groundbreaking album, one that would forever change prog rock. The Six Wives Of Henry VIII was the album that legitimised synths in prog rock. This was a game-changer. Following the success of […]

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[Video] Colosseum – The Valentyne Suite

During a good part of the 1990s, I had the pleasure of working at one of the best record stores in America (I mean that literally – maybe two or three were greater, and that’s it). Aron’s Records was, for me, a finishing school for musical knowledge, a place where I was able to really broaden my taste in music (I have old friends Dana Madore and Ted Plank to thank for most of that, though so many contributed mightily to hipping me to new music).

Dana, in particular, as well as my clients, were fans of Colosseum and solo projects which sprang from its loins. ‘The Valentyne Suite’ is a particularly meaty piece of Hammond-based prog.