[Music] Kamancello – Of Shadows

Raphael Weintraub-Browne is a friend of our blog, and it’s a pleasure to present you with his latest work. The project, Kamancello, is quite a bit different from the last album reviewed, as Weintraub-Browne has recorded a wholly improvised album with Shahriyar Jamshidi, a Iranian Kurd who plays the kamancheh. I will pay these two a very high compliment, as the closest record I can compare it to is with the work of Kayhan Kalhor while working with the New York-based ensemble Brooklyn Rider. It might even be a bit darker, a touch more Western-leaning, but cinematic in scope, and so wonderfully well-recorded.

Glorious listening, absolutely.

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[Music] Faramarz Aslani – Age Ye Rooz (If One Day)

A track from the days when Iran had some amazing crooners.  Faramarz Aslani was pretty much king of the hill during the late 1970s and continues to have a wide influence today.

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[Music] Majid Derakhshani, Mahdieh Mohammadkhani and Mah Ensemble – Az Doost Dashtan, Gerye Midahad Saz, – Khooshe Chin

There’s simply not enough information out there to write about either Majid Derakhshani, Mahdieh Mohammadkhani or The Mah Ensemble, but you will enjoy this 17-minute performance.  It’s sublime.

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[Video] Mah Banoo Ensemble – جان عاشق

Iran has a musical tradition that I find even richer than the local Arab Gulf states have, and they aren’t exactly hurting in the music department.

There is precious little known to Anglophone readers of the Mah Banoo Esemble except that the composer of this particular piece is one Majid Derakshani, who is a legendary composer and oud player.