[Music] Gacha Bakradze – Quick Dreams

This has to be one of the most poorly tagged albums I have ever encountered on Bandcamp, and I’m happy for it.  I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I first played Quick Dreams, a release by Georgian composer Gacha Bakradze, but I knew about 20 second into it that it wasn’t going to […]

[Music] NUM – False Awakening

Only a fool would believe we’re not living in a great time for music.  The world of pop is banal, and should only be seen as entertainment.  Actual music, that which is trying to continue breaking borders, bending (or snapping) rules, is doing quite well. Iranian-born composer Maryam Sirvan has been featured on the blog […]

[Video] Ensemble Mtiebi – Zamtaria (from Soinari: Folk Music From Georgia Today)

This is one of those songs I’ve searched for on Youtube for years, having no luck in ever finding a copy of it. Today, after digging through my own personal archives, I found this gorgeous track, which is apparently a folk song of some note in Georgia, even appearing in films. To find this version, […]