[Music] Soyol Erdene – Soyol Erdene (1981)

Mongolia isn’t a place one thinks of when collectors talk about psychedelic music, but that’s exactly what Soyol Erdene, Mongolia’s cultural jewel (that’s what the name translates into) provide.  They mix a light psychedelic sound with elements of Merseybeat and folk rock.  A strange, but very satisfying, blend of genres.

[Music] Rodriguez – Sugar Man

Sixto Rodriguez’s story is a pretty incredible one. A Mexican-American folk singer from Detroit who didn’t sell too many albums, but did manage to have a good tour of Australia, and then fell into obscurity, or so he thought. He ended up outselling Elvis Presley in South Africa, and fans from there hunted him down. […]

[Sample] J. Mascis – Fade Into You

https://bandcamp.com/EmbeddedPlayer/album=3824852699/size=large/bgcol=ffffff/linkcol=0687f5/tracklist=false/track=3122367616/transparent=true/ J. Mascis, guitarist and singer of Dinosaur Jr., has a venerable tradition of covering songs in an incredibly pleasant, heartfelt way. For Valentine’s Day Eve, we present you with a rather tender cover of Mazzy Star’s sumptuous single.

[Video] Teller Bunte Knete – Frieden

I am ever-grateful for having friends who turn me onto new, weird, freaky stuff daily. I’m in awe of such people who can hip me to something rather amazing, like this group from Germany. Hippie-folk at its finest, with a rocking edge. For more on Teller Bunte Knete, check out their Wikipedia profile.