[Music] 1969 SONG OF THE DAY- ‘THE BOXER’- SIMON AND GARFUNKEL — slicethelife

1969 Song of the Day is- “The Boxer” by Simon and Garfunkel. Written by Paul Simon it was the lead single from their final album Bridge Over Troubled Water which came out in 1970- The Boxer was released on April 21, 1969- way ahead of the album. The Boxer went to #7 on the Billboard […]


[Music] Hrdza – Neskroteny

Slovakia is producing wonderful music, but has almost no exposure in the world stage, which is maddening. Quality musicianship in genres as disparate as World Music, experimental and classical has been frankly astounding.

The folk scene is especially healthy, given the energetic, bouncy and rhythmic performances given by Hrdza. There is a fire under these musicians, who possess a sort of sunny optimism, that is absolutely refreshing to hear. Those of you who enjoy Celtic music might well find something worth grooving to with these guys.  It’s really that lively.

To get a taste of their sound, check out the Spotify link listed above and give a visit to their website (unfortunately in Slovak only, I’m afraid) to find out a bit more.

[Music] ʻĀina – Lead Me To The Garden

Aloha Got Soul’s latest release is a reissue of a rare psychedelic Christian folk record by a Hawaiian project called ʻĀina, which, according to their Bandcamp album site, “means land or earth in ʻŌlelo Hawaiʻi, the Hawaiian language.”

It’s definitely a product of the 1970s, full of hippy vibes, a naïve sense of idealism, and themes which would be recognizable to people who go to Pentecostal Churches. There was nothing bad about this release at all. It was a smooth, mellow and enjoyable listen.