[Music] Padot na Vizantija – Sepak Istata Sostojba

Padot na Vizantija (The Fall of the Byzantium in English) were one of the leading lights in the Yugoslavian post-punk scene. Singer Goran Trajkoski went on to participate in two legendary projects: Anastasia and Mizar (for a short tenure).

[Music] Goran Trajkoski – Na Svetov Ubavina (Koncert)

Goran Trajkoski, lead singer of two of Macedonia’s most legendary bands (Anastasia and Mizar) is seen here performing new music.  We very much look forward to a new album from Goran.

[Video] Anastasia (Анастасија) – Na Rjekah Vavilonskih (By The Rivers of Babylon)

One of the greatest bands in the history of Balkan alternative music, Anastasia were fronted by singer Goran Trajkoski (Gotra), who went on to sing for Macedonian legends Mizar, as well as making incredible music as a solo musician. He is also an old friend who is as decent as he is talented. Here is […]