[Music] A.M Ferrari Fradejas – Dominique Worships The Sun

A.M Ferrari Fradejas is a composer based in France who also happens to be the wife of noted guitarist and composer Santiago Frajedas, whose amazing work has graced these pages in the past.  Ferreri Frajedas’ new release is an absolute delight to listen to, and it came as a shock to my ears.

I was expecting progressive rock, and I was rewarded with that in spades.  What I didn’t expect to find was a deep thread of ethereal music, some of which reminded me of past bands like Chandeen or Love Is Colder Than Death.  There is also a touch of cabaret music here, as well as reminisces of groups like Slapp Happy, Henry Cow and Dagmar Krause’s solo work. Fans of Laurie Anderson might find something familiar here as well.

It was weird, hazy, and utterly fun listening for me.