[Music] Ben Rath – Black Heart Music

Ben Rath is an experimental musician based out of Manchester, England, who specializes in dark, foreboding minimalist compositions which leave you feel unnerved while working on blog posts at three in the morning.  He makes his recordings with the use of keyboards, piano, guitar and some slight effects.  Really good listening.

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[Music] Percival Elliott – Forever

Percival Elliott isn’t the name of a musician, but a friendship. Two musicians, Olly Hite and Samuel Carter-Brazier, paired to make a deeply touching indie-folk sound which reminds me of the best of artists like Jeff Buckley (may his memory be eternal). If you’re curious about following their exploits, consider “liking” their Facebook or Twitter feeds.

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[Music] Lisa Knapp & David Tibet – Staines Morris

Lisa Knapp is, at least for me, a new and rather pleasant voice in English folk music. She makes a huge impression with this traditional tune by pairing up with David Tibet of Current 93 fame.

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[Music] Adorable – Sunshine Smile

Adorable were an English band made up of band members Pete Fijalkowski (vocals, guitar), Robert Dillam (guitar), Stephen ‘Wil’ Williams (bass) and Kevin Gritton (drums). They produced, to my ears, one of the best shoegaze songs of the early 1990s. A truly gorgeous, shimmery track!

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[Video] Nolan “N. F.” Porter – Keep On Keepin’ On

Nolan (then known as N. F.) Porter was an American Northern Soul singer whose hit, which we’re hearing now, would be the catalyst for Joy Division getting signed to a major label. While the band scrapped their attempt at covering the song, the guitar lick would serve as the foundation of their track, Interzone, as heard below:

For more on the story between N.F. Porter and Joy Division, check out this post by OpinEars.