[Podcast] post-globalcast 022


Post-globalcast 022 by Postglobal on Mixcloud

Macedonia’s finest podcast for experimental music, courtesy of Toni Dimitrov.

[Music] Fred Lorca – Sonic Gringo


Imagine if DAF discovered cumbias in the 1980s with lo-fi equipment, but made up for it with a high, hazy, nearly psychedelic level of energy? Friends, I give you Fred Lorca, a composer originally from Argentina who had been residing in Spain for some years, and is, perhaps, once again residing in the Southern Cone.

This album isn’t imbued with kitschiness like, say, Señor Coconut. Think Yello, as this has a driving, danceable rhythm while maintaining its focus. That doesn’t mean it’s all serious, as there are small, cheeky interludes, and a feeling of a gang-land soundtrack in these rhythms.

[Music] Steve Hogarth & Richard Barbieri – Your Beautiful Face

Richard Barbieri never disappoints. From his work in Japan to all of the wonderful projects he’s worked on since, he’s shown to be a thoroughly underrated synth player. There’s always hope he’ll reach a bigger audience.

The surprise here, for me, is Steve Hogarth. I’m not a huge fan of Marillion (at least since old singer Fish left the band in the late ’80s), but really, Hogarth’s voice sounds like a perfect compliment to the electronic underpinning Barbieri provides. A lush work.

This one is dedicated to my Mari, who has given me a year of happiness.

[Music] Various Artists – Hungarian Electronic Music

A magnificent compilation of some of the finest experimental music from Hungary, produced by the Hungaroton label.

I rarely post track lists, but in this case, I’ll do so:

A1 Zoltán Pongrácz – Mariphonia 00:00
A2 Zoltán Pongrácz – Egy Cisz-Dur Akkord Története 08:04
A3 Peter Eötvös – Mese: Rövidített Változat 13:46

B1 Iván Patachich – Magánhangzók: Ta Fonaenta 26:00
B2 Iván Patachich – Hangzó Függvények: Funzione Acustica 34:08
B3 Máté Victor & Péter Winckler – Viscositas 44:38

[Music] RIP Dieter Moebius

Extremely sad news today. The Quietus reports that Dieter Moebius, one-half of the legendary Cluster, along with Hans-Joachim Roedelius, a collaborator with Michael Rother in their Harmonia project, as well as Brian Eno, and a source of influence for so many musicians who delved into making electronic music, passed away today at the age of 71.

I had the pleasure of meeting Dieter and Achim a few times as they would pass through my home on tour. I wish his wife, Irene, Achim and his family, and all those who worked with him, much comfort in the days ahead.