[Music] Between Sound and Space: ECM Records and Beyond

It comes as a very pleasant surprise to see that ECM Records has its very own blog now. Simple, beautifully designed, and a great repository for promoting their new releases and reissues, as well as highlighting the reviews given to said releases. Bravo!

[Music] Milcho Leviev – Dave Holland – Cavatina

Bulgarian pianist Milcho Leviev came to my attention about 20 years ago via the Los Angeles record label MA Recordings, a high-end label. I was floored by the quality of his playing, and wondered why he didn’t receive more attention in the US than he has. Bassist Dave Holland needs little introduction, as he has […]

[Article] A Striking Exception

The Wall Street Journal do justice to the legacy of Manfred Eicher and perhaps the most amazing and success label you may never have heard of, ECM. From Stuart Isacoff’s article, a quote which sums up my personal opinion of him quite nicely: “But the most striking exception at the Grammys belongs to ECM (Editions […]

[Video] Anouar Brahem – January

While working as a buyer at Aron’s Records in Hollywood during my youth, I came across ECM Records. Up until then, the only thing I had ever heard off of the label was Keith Jarrett’s The Köln Concert. As I was able to listen to promo versions of new releases, I came across Anouar Brahem, […]