[Music] Arctica – Hanami in Tokyo

  DMT Records tend to be hit-or-miss for me, which is no surprise considering the sheer volume of releases they put out. Still, on average, they rarely disappoint, and can in fact still surprise me with a charming release. A case in point would be Montreal’s Arctica, who put out an EP’s worth of music […]

[Music] Various Artists – Welcome To The Occupation, A Reverence to R​.​E​.​M

The Blog That Celebrates Itself continues to release the finest covers compilations in a shoegaze style.  This time, the band getting the royal treatment is R.E.M., who haven’t sounded this good since about 1990.

[Music] Silver Rose – Silver Rose

I know of quite a few artists in Brazil who are doing stupendous work in the genre of Shoegaze music, but this release by Silver Rose, a Mexican band, equals or surpasses these, having a lot in common with their fellow British and American co-practicioners of this sonic art. Those of you who like Dream […]