[Music] Tomáš Dvořák – Machinarium Soundtrack

Tomáš Dvořák is a composer, clarinetist and multimedia artist based in the Czech Republic. He produces a soundtrack that blends elements of soundtrack music, game music, electroacoustic music, and a touch of IDM that works very well together.


[Music] M. Efekt – Ej, Pada, Pada Rosenka

M. Efekt (Blue Effect) were a massively influential jazz-rock band out of the former Czechoslovakia.

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[Music] ±0 – ±0

±0 (pronounced as plus-minus-nula) are a post-punk band out of Prague, Czech Republic.  This eponymous debut was released in March of 2017.  If you are a fan of this particular genre of music, especially of the sounds made by The Cure, Joy Division, The Sound or others during the 1979-1980 heyday of the genre, this album was made specifically for you in mind.

Kudos go especially to their sound engineer, who must have really studied post-punk.  He managed to get the sound just right for the band.  Authentic, and worth exploring further!

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[Music] Maraca – Time In Time

I’m lucky enough to be served some amazing dishes by Premek over at Indies Records from Prague. The Czech Republic’s coolest label put out another gem with Maraca, who produce a type of indie rock that should be appealing to a wide audience. Mellow and very tasteful stuff, especially with the fine vocal work turned in by Gabriela Vermelho.

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[Literature] ‘Havel: A Life,’ by Michael Zantovsky

Václav Havel was, perhaps, the first hip (as opposed to ‘hipster’) president. A playwright, poet, and political dissident, he ended up as the first president of a free Czechoslovakia, and helped steer the ‘Velvet Divorce‘ which saw the country’s peaceful dissolution into the current states of the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

He was an ardent anti-Communist, humanitarian, and friend and fan of men as disparate as Frank Zappa and Ronald Reagan. Perhaps now is a great time for an American audience to see what a friend we had in Václav.

Marci Shore reviews the biography here, courtesy of the New York Times.

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[Video] Asonance – Podivný Rytíř

A pleasant surprise from the Czech Republic. Asonance are a folk band which was formed in 1976. Perfect music for your next troubadour party.