[Video] ABC Ansambl Angela Vlatkovića – Snovi (1975, LP)

One wonders if Blaxploitation soundtracks were big in the Former Yugoslavia. Here’s Serbian bandleader Angelo Vlatković funking out.

[Literature] ‘Havel: A Life,’ by Michael Zantovsky

Václav Havel was, perhaps, the first hip (as opposed to ‘hipster’) president. A playwright, poet, and political dissident, he ended up as the first president of a free Czechoslovakia, and helped steer the ‘Velvet Divorce‘ which saw the country’s peaceful dissolution into the current states of the Czech Republic and Slovakia. He was an ardent […]

[Lit] ‘Dr. Zhivago’: The Classic Book That Was Almost Never Published

Russia bans books and movies from time to time. It takes a lot of cheek to compare banning a literary classic like Boris Pasternak’s ‘Dr. Zhivago‘ to trash like Pussy Riot, but this is what one learns to expect from the Huffington Post. Still, the literary world would have been a poorer place had ‘Dr. […]