[Film] The Silent Angel (Teaser)

Dobri Dobrev is perhaps one of the most beautiful human beings on the planet. A Bulgarian Orthodox Christian, deaf from a bombing attack during World War II, he has become a living saint, showing the sort of humility that has gained him admirers even from the atheist world. Grandpa Dobri, as he is known to […]

[Video] Sofia Gubaidulina – The Seven Last Words, I-III

Sofia Gubaidulina is my favorite female Russian composer (along with Iraida Yusupova and the late Galina Ustvolskaya). She is a practicing Orthodox Christian, and this piece melds Ancient Christianity with the avant-garde.

[Video] St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Choir – Good Friday Lamentations

The owner of this site is Eastern Orthodox Christian by confession. Today, we’re at the beginning of the end of our Paschal Period. Easter has come upon us. For those of you, Orthodox/Pravoslav, Eastern Catholics of all stripes, and those who follow the Julian Calendar (the one agreed to by all Christians via Ecumenical Council), […]