[Television] Univision to End ‘Sabado Gigante’ After 53 Years

Anyone who grew up in a Spanish-speaking household will be very familiar with Sábado Gigante, and its ringleader, Don Francisco. It was the be-all and end-all of Latin American variety shows, and it spawned countless cheesy imitators. The king has given up his throne. 53 years of fun and silliness will always be appreciated. The […]

[Lit] Unpublished Pablo Neruda love poems discovered in Chile

Wonder of wonders, the Los Angeles Times reports on spectacular news! Apparently, some lost poems written by the Chilean Nobel laureate Pablo Neruda have surfaced in Chile, and will be published by Seix Barral, a publishing company from Spain. The Los Angeles Times has more on this wonderful news here.

[Review] Santiago Fradejas – 16 Pieces for Electric Guitar & Electroacoustic Ensemble

16 Pieces for Electric Guitar & Electroacoustic Ensemble by Santiago Fradejas Because there is so much incredible music coming out all the time, documenting it is becoming a bit of a nightmare. Thankfully, I’m subscribed to enough Facebook music groups to keep me abreast as to what new sounds are popping up. One of the […]