[Music] Bandcamp: Hasana Editions Documents the New Sound of Indonesian Experimental Music

On January 7th, Marc Masters of Bandcamp Daily posted a very interesting synopsis of experimental music coming out of Indonesia these days.  I was aware of the amazing progressive rock, jazz and fusion coming from the region, but it’s good to see Hasana Editions shepherd the experimental scene out of obscurity.  Adding to the ‘cool’ factor is that the first four releases have been published as cassettes.

[Video] P16.D4 + S. B. O. T. H. I. – My Last Words Will Be

Thanks to Isidora Mikhailovich, whose Facebook post took me down memory lane. P16.D4 were the project of Ralf Wehowski, who would go on to record as RLW. S. B. O. T. H. I. was the project of Achim Wollscheid. Both were composers based in Germany working with extreme experimental music. Most of what I had from these artists was on cassette tapes. I pine for those days on occasion.