[Video] Valentina Ambrosanio – Notturno n° 1 op. 9 (F. Chopin)

There is much good in Italy in terms of music, especially in the South, which tends to hide its prizes a bit better than in the better-publicized North of the country. Some years ago, I had the joy of traveling to Naples, where I made the acquaintance of pianist Valentina Ambrosanio. In a city which breathes romance, a wild beauty, music and poetry of every shade imaginable, Valentina’s ability, warmth and charm stood out above the crowd.

She is quite comfortable interpreting masters such as Frydryk Chopin (as you can see in the video below) and Johannes Brahms, but has no fear of exploring modern compositions.

Ambrosanio will be working on recording an album sometime this year. She will be worth looking out for in the future.