[Music] The Latins & Alba and Aris Karantanis – Oriental Shake!

I have no idea about the artists on this mini-compilation except to say that Radio Martiko has a wonderful habit of digging up some incredibly cool cuts from both past and present times.  This is a peach of a 7-inch.

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[Music] Influenza – Astral Plane

A very pleasant surprise from this obscure Dutch band. I’m not sure if Influenza has a website, but former member of the band Peng Øffe, is the man responsible for posting this nugget.

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[Video] Paul Bowles – An American in Tangier (1993)

Paul Bowles, the legendary wandering scribe who introduced America to the pleasure of 1950s Morocco in all its splendor, mystery and decadence, is given a wonderful documentary tribute. The video is directed by Mohamed Ulad-Mohand, and is hosted by the ever-wonderful UbuWeb, which houses many of the experimental and avant-garde world’s treasures.

Bidoun Magazine, a great resource covering art, music and culture from the Middle East and the Ummah in general, contributed mightily to hosting this video.

Click here to view the video.